Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Body Shop – Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

The Body Shops Famous body butters leave your skin feeling soft, silky and looking smooth as it provides a 24 hour all around hydration.

 The coconut shimmer body butter is made using organic coconut oil and added shimmer to give you beautiful looking skin for all occasions, whether you are adding moisture to your body after a nice hot relaxing bath, on holiday or you are adding the finishing touches to your night out look.

Priced at £13 I can defiantly say this product will always be a part of my beauty regime as I am in LOVE with the gentle coconut scent this product leaves on your skin all day round!! 


  1. This is just too fab, need to get me some of this on our next shift girl.

    P.S - Your blog is fabulous! Made mine again heheh.

  2. Thank you doll :) I absolutely love the name of your blog and the meaning behind it !! xx