Thursday, 25 April 2013


One thing I absolutely love more than life it's self is how you can make a statement to the rest of the world through how you wear your make-up! 

Making this the reason why you will always find my make-up box full of ILLAMASQUA eye shadows as they are my number one beauty must have!  

With over 48 colours to chose from you will never be stuck for choice when creating a make-up look which is as individual as you !

I have found each of these eye shadows to be long lasting and highly pigmented as you can see from the image above which I have created using ILLAMASQUA eye shadow's


If you are looking for a colour- intense and highly pigmented powder blusher then look no further ILLAMASQUA powder blushers' are the one for you! 

After searching high and low  for a multi-purpose blusher ILLAMASQUA have once again came to the rescue, as these blushers can be used to shade, brighten , define and enhance the shape of your face. 

The one thing I absolutely love about this product is you do not need to touch your blush up by lunch time as ILLAMASQUA blushers are long lasting which I can not say about other high branded blushers!   

With 17 shades to chose from and at £18 each I can not wait to build up my bush collection. 

(No need to over load your make-up brush with product as these powder blushes are extremely pigmented)  

Smashbox Photo Finish Primmer

Smashbox Photo Finish Primmer suits all skin types as I found this product to self adjust to my skin leaving it smooth, even and ready for my foundation or BB cream to be applied. 

 This product to me is more than just your average primer it instantly brightened and primed my skin which reduced the appearance of pores whilst helping fade any dark spots which appeared on my skin.      

Smashbox Photo Finish Primmer is defiantly one of my make-up bag must haves and costs just £25 !! 

Ben Nye Luxury Powder

After reading about Ben Nye Luxury Powder I just had to try this product out for myself after all if it is good enough for Kim Kardashian it certainly is for us! 

This product is one of the best setting powders I have used on both myself and clients. the first thing I noticed  was how light, soft and silky this product felt on my skin. This is due to the product being finally milked resulting in your skin looking beautiful. 

Ben Nye Luxury Powder suits all skin tones and brightens the skin. This powder is great for: 

- Setting under eye concealer 

-  Highlighting 
- Brighting under eyes 
- Setting other Make-Up 

The one thing I absolutely  love about this product is a little goes along way ! 

The Body Shop Make-Up Brushes

The first thing I look for when buying make-up brushes is how soft they are. Once I heard The Body Shop make-up  brushes were synthetic I just had to try them!  

One of the first thing I noticed when using these brushes  was how extremely soft on my skin they were, not to mention are the only make-up brushes I have ever used which have not shed when washing. which I can not say for a lot of high branded make-up brushes I have used in the past! 

Each of The Body Shop Make-up brushes are purse friendly and do not lack in quality which can not be said for the majority of low ended make-up brands. 

Brush Prices 
Face and Body brush £16.00
Blusher Brush £16.00
Foundation Brush £12.00
Eye-shadow Brush £9.00
Line softener Brush £8.00
Angled Brush £9.00
Brow and Lash Comb £9.00
Smudger Brush £9.00
Lipstick/ Concealer Brush £9.00 

BOBBIE BROWN Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

Make-Up bag must have ...

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation belongs in every girls make-up bag! As it creates  a natural long lasting look!

This foundation comes in 18 shades providing a medium to full coverage finish not to mention lasts up to 12 hrs, leaving your skin felling FRESH and MOISTURISED prefect for summer !! 

This products costs £30 and unlike most make-up brands there is no need to pay the added extra for your pump. 

Colour Crush Collection

The Body Shop's new colour crush collection are the perfect eye shadows to help create the must have look, not to mention only £7 each !!!!  

All 30 shades were made in Italy using crushed pigments and community fair trade oils. Each shade is silky and bendable and have been designed to be used wet or dry!! 

Dermatalogically and Ophthalmologically tested