Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Matte Lip’s

What is matte lip?
The phrase “matte” is used to describe anything which is not shinny.
There is nothing more I love at the moment more than a bold matte lip. This look has dated back to old school glam as far back to accent Mesopotamian times long before gloss was created.
The matte look has been huge this year with a number of celebrities from Heidi Klum to Katy Perry, although I wouldn't go as far as saying a bit of gloss on the lips is completely out of fashion.

How to get the perfect matte lip? I hear you ask. It really is pretty straight forward and easy once you have the following tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Colour: Finding the correct shade and colour to match your tine is one of the most important steps as chosen the wrong colour tone can make your skin look aged or even washed out.
The first rule to help you know whether you are a warm or cool tones person is to look at the bottom of your wrist. For example if your veins re a greenish colour you’re warm toned. If they are blue or purple looking then you are cool toned.  
For those of you who are warm skin toned then orange based lip sticks such as Sephora’s Orange Rock is your best friend. There is also red blue toned lip sticks which are perfect for those of you who are cool toned such as M.A.C Rubby Woo (my all-time favourite).

Matte: When setting out to pick your colour, make sure you are looking at matte shades for example if a label says “provides shine” or “semi- matte” then you are looking at the wrong type as these will not give you you’re desired matte finish.

Application: When applying your lip stick use a cream based lip liner which matches the colour of your lip stick or nude shade to match the colour of your natural lip.

Step 1: First of all start by outlining your lips then fill them in completely.

Step 2: To help create a clean, sharp line that stays all you need to do is apply concealer using an angled brush to apply your concealer to the outmost edge of your lip.

Step 3: The last step is to use a lip brush to apply your chosen matte shade on top of your lined lip’s, by using a lip brush to apply your lip stick, you will have full control and stay within the lines.

Useful tips of the trade
Exfoliate your lips first with a lip scrub such as Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub (smells amazing plus you can lick it off!) to help achieve a smooth lip.

  * Moisturise your lips regularly using a lip moisturiser, my favourite has to be The Body Shop’s lips care range.

 * To prevent lipstick from going on your teeth, put your index finger in your, mouth forming a tight “O” shape and slowly pull it out. You may feel silly at first but you will have a beautiful lips stick free smile 


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    1. Thank you doll, Rudy woo has to be one of my favourites. if you are a lipstick lover you should check out my last blog post :) xx