Friday, 26 July 2013

New Colour Crush Lipstick collection exclusive to The Body Shop

Hiya Guys and dolls, 

 I am excited to announce The Body Shop have launched a brand new  exclusive Colour Crush collection of lipsticks!  

With 24 shades to choose from I can guarantee you will fall in love with at least one of their fabulous lipsticks or if you’re like me all of them. I have already worked out which ones I will be purchasing on pay day as I am determined to collect the whole range !!  

Each lipstick is made from finely crushed pigments, cherry seed and Marula oil providing you with a high intense, smooth and colourful look perfect for any occasions you may have coming up.

All though this range will be replacing their the colour glide collection with a few new shades  there is no need to panic as The Body shop have cleverly found  exact or close shade matches to there old collection , which on of their happy and pleasant customer consultants will be happy to help you find.  

 I was lucky enough to try the  following shades out I am happy to finally say I have found some great doops for my favourite brand “Lime Crime”.

There are three family groups reds, nudes and pinks (Make up addicts dream).....

  1.   Red Siren – 101  
  2.   Coral Cutie  - 105
  3.  Coral Blush  - 110  
  4.  Enraptured Red – 115
  5. Raspberry In Love – 120
  6. Crazy Sexy Crimson – 125

  7. Drive Me Nuts – 301 
  8. Golden Flirt- 305 (New shade)
  9. Crush On Caramel – 310
 10. Coral Kiss- 315
 11. Berry In Love- 320
 12. Darling Blush- 325 
 13. Spice Things Up – 330

 14. Hot Date – 335
 15. Berry Me - 340 

116.    Red Hot Raspberry – 201
217.    Passionate Pink – 205
318.    Sweetheart Pink – 210
419.    Innocent Pink – 215 ( New shade)
520.    Dare To Bare – 220
621.    Blushing Pink – 225
722.    Rush Of Pink  - 230
823.    The Right Mauves – 235
 24.Damson In Distress – 240 ( New shade)

     Over all I cannot find any faults with The Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick collection as each lipstick stays on the lips for a long period of time without priming your lips which is an added bounce for those of you who may be in a hurry to get ready in the morning.  

     with selected stores having a buy on get one half price offer on throughout the store I know I will
     be taking great advantage  as each lipstick costs £10 each bargain leaving me with no choice but to score this range with a perfect 10/10  

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